The future of Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong’s Uncertain Future

Lance Armstrong’s future is unclear. He has lost his respect in the cycling community and his reputation is still stained by the doping scandal. However, he has also shown some efforts to move on with his life and he has some business projects that could keep him relevant.

Staying in the Cycling Industry

One option for Armstrong’s future is that he will stay in the cycling industry but in a smaller role.

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Lance Armstrong @wired

He could form his own cycling team or he could offer his advice or training. He could also use his knowledge to advocate against doping in cycling.

Focusing on Other Businesses and Ventures

Another option is that Armstrong will concentrate on his other businesses and activities. He runs a coffee shop in Austin, Texas, and he has a media company that creates podcasts and other content. He could also use his influence to talk about other topics, such as cancer or charity.

Fading into Obscurity

It is also possible that Armstrong will make a distance from the public eye. Now, He is 51 and he has not participated in any professional cycling event since 2011. He may choose to focus on his private life.

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Lance Armstrong @wikipedia

This scandal tarnished his reputation and he needs to work hard to restore it.

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Factors that Could Affect His Future

His future depends on several things, such as:
1. How the public views him: He will face difficulties if the public continues to dislike him. He could have a more promising future if he can regain their trust.

2. His own behavior: Armstrong will need to be careful about what he says and does publicly. If he makes any mistakes, it could hurt his reputation more.

3. The cycling industry: If the cycling industry can change itself and become more honest, it could create a situation where Armstrong could be accepted back.

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