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US open cup

Andy Murray

Murray’s Flawless Victory Marred by VAR Chaos: A US Open Debut to Remember

While the VAR system promised to bring a new level of precision to tennis officiating, Murray’s match unveiled the challenges it could pose. The four-minute delay, with both players and spectators eagerly awaiting a decision, underscored the need for a smoother implementation of this technology in future tournaments.


US Open 2023: Djokovic Dominates in Triumphant Comeback

Novak Djokovic’s return to the Arthur Ashe Stadium was a masterclass in precision and dominance. As he faced down his opponent under the dazzling New York lights, it was evident that his absence from the US Open in 2021 had only fueled his hunger for victory. The crowd’s thunderous applause upon his return was not just a greeting; it was a symphony of appreciation for a champion’s comeback.”

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