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Texans’ Quarterback Quest: C.J. Stroud Seizes the Moment

As the NFL season beckons, all eyes are on the Houston Texans’ burgeoning star, C.J. Stroud, who has been appointed as the team’s Week 1 starting quarterback. Stroud’s journey to this moment was marked by fierce competition and dedication, as he battled against Davis Mills in a quest to secure the coveted position. His ascent was swift, with Head Coach DeMeco Ryans recognizing Stroud’s complete package, a product of dedicated offseason training, OTAs, and impressive preseason performances. Stroud now joins the select group of top-five-drafted rookie quarterbacks who have the honor of starting in Week 1. Yet, his challenges are far from over, as he faces a formidable Baltimore Ravens team led by former MVP Lamar Jackson. With the Texans’ hopes resting on his shoulders, Stroud is poised to make his mark and lead his team into a new era.

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