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Steve Harvey’s Social Media Shake-Up and Unfounded Cheating Scandal

Steve Harvey

The Twitterverse was abuzz with discussions surrounding Steve Harvey, as he found himself at the center of two distinct incidents, one real and one fabricated. In an unexpected turn of events, Harvey, aged 66, appeared to have parted ways with his social media manager due to a negative tweet about comedians, while simultaneously grappling with unfounded rumors regarding his wife, Marjorie Bridges, allegedly cheating on him.

Harvey took to video on a Friday evening to share that he had apparently dismissed his social media manager following a contentious tweet that encouraged followers to name comedians who failed to elicit laughter. In a candid statement, Harvey accepted responsibility, stating, “Somebody that works for me on my Twitter put a statement out that was totally negative. I gotta take responsibility for it ’cause they work for me, but the engagement was talking about ‘name a comedian you don’t think is funny.’ Why would I do something like that? That don’t even make no damn sense.” He went on to express his commitment to positivity, emphasizing his motivation-driven brand, and humorously remarked that someone was now in need of new employment.

The following day, a wave of entirely false reports inundated the internet, claiming that Marjorie Bridges was “seeking divorce after she was reportedly caught having an extramarital affair with their chef and bodyguard.” Thankfully, a friend of Harvey’s, Nigerian businessman Ned Nwoko, stepped forward to dispel these cheating allegations. Nwoko reassured the public that Harvey had personally informed him of the unfounded nature of these rumors. He lamented the proliferation of fake news worldwide, asserting that the Harvey family remained happily together.

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Bridges, who entered matrimony in 2007, have refrained from addressing these baseless allegations publicly.

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