Rihanna and Rocky Welcome a Second Son – A Double ‘R’ Delight!

Rihanna and Rocky celebrated the arrival of their second child, a bouncing baby boy, on August 3, according to sources reported by TMZ. Despite the joyous occasion, the couple has not officially confirmed the news. Interestingly, insiders have whispered that the baby’s name follows the trend set by his older brother, RZA, with a name starting with the letter R.

Rihanna’s thoughts on her ideal family size resurfaced during a recent interview with British Vogue, conducted prior to her second pregnancy revelation. She was playfully reminded of her previous statement expressing her desire for three or four kids. With a chuckle, Rihanna responded, “Oh, you really have to be cautious with your words.”

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Rihanna, image from Wikipedia

She continued, “Listen, I’m open to whatever comes my way. My wish would be to have more children, but I leave it to the will of God. I’m open to any possibility, whether it’s a girl or a boy, in the future.”

Reflecting on their first pregnancy journey, the couple had a secret preference regarding the baby’s gender and chose to keep it under wraps until the birth.

Rihanna shared, “Rocky wanted to know. He had his heart set on having a boy. Initially, he was open to either, but as time passed, he became more certain that he wanted a boy. I just kept saying a little prayer, hoping he’d get his wish.”

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